Nimbus Digital



Nimbus Digital provides the following services…

Website layout programming (CSS/HTML)

At Nimbus we produce efficient, robust HTML and CSS. This forms the layout of your website. We also make considerations for search engine optimisation and multiple devices.

Business model and consultancy

We can consult and advise on your online business model, drawing on our wealth of experience and knowledge to help you maximise the return from your online business. We will work with you and help with technical decisions and processes.

Graphic Design

We provide quality graphic design based on your brief and for a range of applications- for your website, print or other media.

Client-side scripting (JavaScript/JQuery/etc.)

When your website needs to provide interactivity to visitors such as animations, form validation/feedback, layout changes, etc. we call on Javascript (or a javascript based library such as JQuery) to deliver these features. Nimbus can build custom functionality to suit your needs employing these technologies as necessary.

Server-side programming (PHP/ASP)

Nimbus provide server-side programming services. When your website must store data – for example to provide a log in or an online shop – data must be processed on the server. Nimbus are proficient in many common and modern programming languages support across server platforms. These include PHP (typically Linux based) and ASP (usually Windows based).

Database programming (SQL)

When your website stores data, you need a database. Nimbus plan and setup databases to be fast and efficient. We then implement the database as part of your website application using SQL. Commonly we use either mySQL (Linux) or MS SQL (Windows).


Your website needs to exist on a server that is permanently on and available on the Internet. Nimbus provide hosting and will choose the best option for your requirement.

If your web site is a simple site without the need for server side processing, we offer very simple robust hosting packages. On the other hand if you need a highly available SLA supported hosting platform, we can provide that too.

Our hosting solutions will scale with your needs.


We provide a range of email solutions from basic POP mailboxes, to Exchange and Google Apps (Corporate GMail) based solutions. We will recommend a mail solution based on your needs. Features include:

  • Spam filtering
  • Up to 50GB mail storage
  • Virus protection
  • Outbound (roaming) email
  • Calendar
  • Contacts

We will help you configure a single email address on your computer, phone and/or tablet, or we can help configure an entire office. Our email solutions are scaleable and reliable.

3rd party API integration

If you need to use data or processes from another online service, we can integrate it. Examples include:


We are proficient WordPress developers providing custom functionality and template integration. We are also familiar and capable of providing services for a range of other content management systems (CMS) including SiteCore, Drupal, Magento, Shopify and others.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO/SEM)

Nimbus provide optimisation services that insure your website conforms to the search engines’ most current guidelines. This includes code and content optimisations.

We can also design pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to maximise your return on investment, and advise on leveraging social media (paid or otherwise) to attract visitors to your site.

Credit Card Processing

We will help you choose the best payment processing providers for your needs. We partner with services such as PaypalSagePay, and Stripe. We can interface with these systems so that you can take payments for sales on your website safely and securely.

Mobile/Tablet web apps

As many ‘apps’ need to talk to the Internet, we promote the use of web apps rather than dedicated native device apps. This is largely because web apps are designed to work on any device with a web browser, and so a different version does not need to be developed for each platform (iOS/Android/etc).

We provide print and press layout services when you need to put your design/brand on paper. This can be simple stationary packs – business cards, letter head – or promotional flyers and leaflets, posters, cassette stand banners and more.

Domain registration & management

We provide domain registration and management service. We insure your domain is renewed and configured correctly.

SSL security certificates

Your site can gain trust from visitors if it encrypts traffic using SSL (When your site is accessed using https). To do this you need an SSL security certificate. We partner with a number of organisations (such as Thawte) to provide and install security certificates for our clients.

DNS management

At its most basic, DNS resolves your domain name to your hosting. However, there is more to DNS than simple A-Record configuration. We help with SPF records for email delivery, Google (and other) service verification, and other DNS related configurations.

Shopify eCommerce

Shopify is an eCommerce platform. If your website is primarily about selling, we would recommend building it using Shopify. We partner with Shopify to provide setup and customisation of your online shop.