The Mark of a Leader

Project Description

International conference speakers The Mark of a Leader had two clear goals with their website. Primarily to attract new business by showing examples of their work, and also to provide a support resource for those who had attended conferences or workshops presented by one of their ‘Storytellers.’

They had a huge amount of both written and video content. It needed to be curated and presented on the site in an orderly fashion.

To achieve this Nimbus proposed using WordPress as the base engine for the site, then heavily customising it to allow organisation and presentation of content.

Project Details

Client The Mark of a Leader
Build Time 12 weeks
Skills Web Design, WordPress, Programming, Database, YouTube, API integration

The Mark of a Leader Custom Post Types

Custom Post Types

Rather than relying solely on WordPress’s built in Post and Page post-types, Nimbus augmented it with dedicated custom post-types that dealt with each type of content more readily. For example, because video is pulled from YouTube, WordPress needed to be told the YouTube video URL for Samples & Live Stories, so a post-type was created for each of these that required this data.

This strategy also allowed for dedicated categories and tags, further enhancing the organisational abilities of each. It also made it clear to administrators where each type of content should go on the site.

Custom Template

To cope with the new post types and content, Nimbus developed a custom template that met The Mark of a Leader’s design brief. This involved grouping content in tabs on the home page whilst handling each post type slightly differently so as to consistently display the pertinent information.

Under the Clients tab Nimbus needed to create further code to pull video testimonials from YouTube on the fly. This is because CEO, Doug Keeley likes to film the testimonials and add them directly to YouTube from his phone. This code meant there were no more steps to get the testimonials on the site.

“We have used Mark and the Nimbus team for several years for strategy, design, and building and hosting our web presence. The service is outstanding, the work is great and the pricing very reasonable. We love working with Nimbus.” Doug Keeley

CEO, The Mark of a Leader

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