Find an Osteopath

Project Description

Find an osteopath is a searchable directory of qualified osteopaths giving locations and details for each. It is an ongoing internal project that is always developing.

Nimbus created the Find an Osteopath web app in 2001. Recently it has been updated to better serve its users – osteopaths and the public alike.

Project Details

Client Nimbus Digital Ltd. (internal)
Build Time 4 weeks (update)
Skills Graphic Design, Google Maps, API, ASP, SQL database

Find an Osteopath

Google Maps

The latest version of Find an Osteopath is tightly integrated with Google’s Maps API. This allows us to plot each osteopath on a map making it easier for visitors to see all osteopaths in their area.

Osteopath Interface

Find an Osteopath provides a simple interface for osteopaths to manage their listings. This allows them to set their practice locations and details such as opening hours and facilities. These contribute to the search results enhancing the information available to visitors.

Each osteopath gets their own page showing all their locations and specialities.

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