Photo Studio Hire


Project Description and it’s sister site,, are industry specific web directories serving professional photographers and related communities.

Nimbus were asked to provide database and programming support for this project. The design and front-end process were created and provided by the client. We were responsible for creating a database and web based management of the data, then implementing the search and listing functionality with custom tracking and reporting (via Google Analytics).



Project Details

Client Bay Hippisley Photography
Build Time 4 weeks
Skills Web Design, Programming, Database, Google Analytics


Photo Studio Hire Screenshot


For this project we needed to create a database to store the many assets and facilities associated with film & photographic studios, then make them searchable. We then worked with our client to develop conventions for easily adding and managing studio assets. This has led to a management solution that combines web and FTP input.

Tracking & Alternate Versions


Tracking (Custom Google Analytics)

Nimbus were asked to integrate custom tracking of specific events so that studios could be provided with accurate data concerning the effectiveness of their listing on Photo Studio Hire. Custom events such as clicks on the ‘Call Us’ and ‘Email Us’ buttons were added to Google Analytics reports that can be sent to studios directly.

Alternate Version: Photo Makeup Artists

Following the success of the studio hire site, Nimbus were asked to develop an associated directory aimed at the same industry. For we had to create a new database to store the properties associated with hair and makeup artists, then integrate it with the web-based framework to match

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