Project Description

2much2do co-founder, Kevin Jones, came to Nimbus with a fresh idea for an online reminder service. This application needed to collect important dates and reminders from users, then make useful suggestions to help complete these tasks.

As a consumer facing website it needed to look great, be easy to use, and be built in a timely and efficient fashion. Nimbus delivered all of the above.

If you want to try out the 2much2do service, use the promo code ‘nimbus‘ to get free access.

Project Details

Client 2much2do Ltd.
Build Time 12 weeks
Skills Graphic Design, Database, Coding, HTML Layout, API integration, SSL
View 2much2do.co.uk

2much2do hero

Zero to Hero

2much2do is a bespoke development built from the ground up. Working closely with the client we devised mechanisms for delivering reminders and making useful suggestions. This involved integrating 2 APIs (a means of interfacing with a 3rd-party resource via computer):

  • one to send text messages to the user’s mobile phone
  • one to discover and retrieve suggestions

We then created a data structure and user interface that would allow easy entry and management of events – even pre-populating some obvious ones such as Christmas and Valentine’s.

Design Delivered

As well as being easy to use, the site needed to be visually appealing. Again, working with the client we developed a bespoke design that met their criteria for a simple, yet playful appearance.

“I have worked with Nimbus for several years and on numerous projects, they have always been a pleasure to work with and offer not only first class website design but give professional advice.”

Kevin Jones

Co-founder, 2much2do Ltd

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